About Us

What did you dream when you were in school? Could you imagine that a person would be able to travel to space, use a mobile phone without buttons and study school subjects which look like movies that are adaptive and personalized due to artificial intelligence?

In 2015, our team began working on one such dream after researching thousands of students and teachers on what they want it to be like. Our ideological inspirer, author and CEO of Budbeed, Manish Wahie, managed to find top IT engineers, professors, academics and top global digital education professionals, as well as global media corporations such as CNN, BBC, Rosen Publishing, Sterling Pixels and team up like-minded people, funded by group of enthusiasts who believed in the same. Today we have created a global digital platform based on latest technologies and artificial intelligence, which completely reverses the students' perception of learning! Budbeed is a new world, the world of the latest digital technologies, scientific discoveries, entertainment and travels into the world of real knowledge that have never been available before in Russian and Kazakh languages throughout the Internet. We see in each of our users a little genius, a star, which can become a global professional in the future.

Isn’t this what your child needs and dreams of? Let him explore his talent, give him the best opportunities, and let him explore the platform to learn the way it should be. By the way it’s not just your child who enters the new world but even you can explore the amazing content, read a lot of interesting books and track the progress of your kids learning completely free of charge!

Our CEO’s Vision.

In our vision for Budbeed, this digital design will forever change from the way students are taught, to a way the students want to learn. We also hope to change users perceptions of incorporating technology in education to make it a mainstay rather than just a supplement to teacher-led instruction. The future of Budbeed will include a new appreciation for gamification in learning as we believe gamification itself will become more responsive as neuroscience continues to unfold how the young mind learns. Our vision is to create an educational cycle that is both recursive and collaborative.

This elevated collaboration will open the doors of classrooms that were once taught in isolation. In our vision of this future, we want education to be more accessible and more individualized and Budbeed will strive to continue its research and technology advances for giving the best digital resource for children and teachers globally.